Fan severely wounded in leg by flare in V. League match

By Lam Thoa   September 11, 2019 | 07:49 pm PT
A woman was burned to the bone and taken to hospital during a match between Hanoi FC and Nam Dinh on Wednesday.
The flare came from Nam Dinh fans at the 56th minute of the game. It travelled from stand B to stand A, hit the legs of a female fan, bounced back to the referee zone meters away and then burned.

On Hanoi FC's Hang Day Stadium, the flare was thrown by Nam Dinh fans in stand B in the 56th minute of the game. It hit the leg of the woman in stand A, where home fans were sitting, and bounced to near the dugouts before starting to burn.

The victim named Huyen Anh had a large tear and bleeding in her left leg. After being bandaged by the doctors, she was still dazed and speechless.

The victim, To Huyen Anh, suffered a large, bleeding gash in her left leg. She seemed dazed and speechless even after being bandaged by doctors.

Security quickly took Huyen Anh to the hospital. The result showed that she has suffered a sulfuric burn and it even got to her bone. She might have to take two surgeries.The game was stopped over 10 minutes because of the incident. The main referee Ngo Duy Lan had to talk to the league organizers before deciding to continue the match or not.

Security personnel quickly took Anh to hospital, where doctors said she had suffered a sulfuric burn down to her bone. She might have to undergo two surgeries.

The game was stopped for over 10 minutes because of the incident. Referee Ngo Duy Lan had to discuss with league organizers whether or not to let the match continue.

After the game was continued, Nam Dinh fans shoot another flare but luckily it didn’t hit anyone. The police came to the stand to stop the madness, but a fan is already assaulted and had to go to the hospital.On the chaotic stand, the flags of Hai Phong FC appeared. Their fans are famous for causing chaos by shooting flares in Hang Day Stadium.

After the game resumed Nam Dinh fans threw another flare, but luckily it did not hit anyone. The police had to go into the stand to stop them.

Meanwhile, in the packed stand, Hai Phong FC flags appeared. Hai Phong fans have achieved notoriety for throwing flares in Hang Day Stadium.

The match was highly anticipated as Hanoi are competing for the title while Nam Dinh also need a win to get out of the regelation zone. But what happened on the field was out of people’s expectation. It has even ruined the nice image that Nam Dinh fans have shown from the start of the season.

The match was a highly anticipated one since Hanoi are in the hunt for the title while Nam Dinh needed a win to climb out of the relegation zone. But it was overshadowed by events off the pitch, which ruined the friendly image Nam Dinh fans had maintained since the start of the season.

Hanoi FC captain Nguyen Van Quyet had to ask Nam Dinh fans to keep calm but they continued to yell at the referee for unfair decision for their club. Some even threw bottles onto the field.The match ended with a thrashing 6-1 victory for Hanoi FC to maintain their place on top of the table.

Hanoi FC captain Nguyen Van Quyet (jersey number 10) pleaded with Nam Dinh fans to keep calm after they yelled abuse at the referee for what they thought was an unfair decision against their team, but it was to no avail. Some even threw bottles on the field.

The match ended in a crushing 6-1 victory for Hanoi FC, who retained their place at the top of the table.

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