England WAGs side with Kyle Walker's wife against mistress

By Hoang Nguyen   July 3, 2024 | 11:27 pm PT
The group of WAGs of English national footballers have sided with Annie Kilner to protect her from Lauryn Goodman, the mistress of her husband Kyle Walker.

Megan Pickford, wife of goalkeeper Jordan, Anouska Santos, girlfriend of Luke Shaw and Tolami Benson, partner of Bukayo Saka, have promised to protect Kilner if Goodman ever shows up at a game of England at the Euro 2024.

"They have her back. They all have known Annie for a long time," a source told The Sun.

Before that, Goodman, with Walker's child, nearly encountered Kilner at England's 1-1 draw with Denmark in Frankfurt, Germany on June 20.

Kyle Walker, Annie Kilner and their daughter at a game of England. Photo by AFP

Kyle Walker, Annie Kilner and their daughter at a game of England. Photo by AFP

In January, Kilner discovered that Walker had fathered a second child with Goodman, an influencer.

As a result, she kicked him out of the house. Walker has been trying to patch things up ever since, while Kilner stayed silent and tried to keep it as private as possible. She also put her feelings to one side to take their boys to his matches, according to Daily Mail.

"Yet, all the while, she has no idea if Lauryn will be there. It’s a terrible situation and made worse by Lauryn who appears to be trying to promote herself as a Wag. There’s a sense of bewilderment about why Lauryn would go to the match," a source told Daily Mail.

Goodman attended the England match on June 20 with her son Kairo, who wore a number 2 England jersey (Walker's number) with the word "Daddy" printed on the back.

"There was no way I wasn't going to take Kairo to the Euros. I wanted it to be something he could remember forever. We are not here to please other people. It's about Kairo and what is best for him and what is going to make him happy. I won't be scapegoated or bullied and made to feel like a villain," Goodman told the media before kickoff.

England will play the Euro quarterfinals on Saturday against Switzerland.

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