DNSE Aquaman Vietnam medal a message of conquering dreams

By Phong Van   October 4, 2023 | 07:09 pm PT
DNSE Aquaman Vietnam's medal design features two rhombus slices forming a compass arrow, representing the finish line and the limitless possibilities beyond it.

The organizers of DNSE Aquaman Vietnam 2023 unveiled the medals almost a month before the competition. Unlike the previous year's medal, which was inspired by Sa Vi Cape, Vietnam's northeastern-most point, this year's design incorporates the diamond and compass symbols.

Formed underground over millions of years, diamond represents strength and purity. Its perfect beauty and sparkle make it highly coveted.

"That's why the medal serves as a well-deserved reward for athletes' efforts and perseverance in conquering challenges during swim-run routes," an organizer said.

The medal design perfectly aligns with the tournament's message - "The racetrack of dreams." Every athlete carries within them the aspiration to surpass their own limits and set new records.

DNSE Aquaman Vietnam medal design.

DNSE Aquaman Vietnam medal design.

The medal showcases two people running and swimming. The backdrop features Ke Ga lighthouse and a mesmerizing wave pattern, representing the thrilling competitions of the Aquaman Vietnam race.

The fish fis patterns appear in the border to accentuate the main symbol, along with the DNSE Aquaman Vietnam 2023 text block.

Upon completing the distance as per regulations, participants are awarded medals with corresponding colored ribbons.

Medals with different colored ribbons.

Medals with different colored ribbons.

Sprint Aqua participants (500 m swim, 5 km run) will receive medals with pink ribbons, Half Aqua participants (1 km swim, 10 km run) medals with orange ribbons, Aquaman & Relay Aqua participants (2 km swim, 21 km run) receive red ribbons, and Aquakid participants aged 6 to 10 (approximately 200 m swim, 1 km run) medals with green ribbons.

Bib sales for all distances are currently open at this link.

Some 1,500 Aquaman Vietnam participants will gather at the NovaWorld Phan Thiet beach on Oct. 29 for a thrilling competition. This location boasts a serene and pristine beach, making it the perfect setting for underwater races.

Phan Thiet enters the dry season at the end of October, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 31 degrees Celsius.

Participants and their families can also enjoy the natural beauty and rich culture of the south central coast region.

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