5 elite Vietnamese bodybuilders to compete in South Korea

By Hoang Nguyen   July 25, 2022 | 04:00 am PT
5 elite Vietnamese bodybuilders to compete in South Korea
Some winners of PCA Vietnam that concluded on July 25, 2022. Photo by PCA Vietnam
Five best athletes at the 2022 PCA Vietnam Bodybuilding Championship that concluded Monday have been selected to compete in upcoming tournaments in South Korea.

The championship featured over 150 pro and semi-pro bodybuilders who competed in five categories for a total prize money of VND400 million ($17,100).

After two days of competition, organizers awarded medals and certificates to 67 athletes for good performances. Five of the most talented bodybuilders were selected to compete in South Korean tournaments, including the PCA South Korea. They were also appointed PCA Vietnam ambassadors for the year.

The PCA Vietnam Championship was organized in HCMC July 23-25 by the PCA (Physical Culture Association). This year's tournament had Kim Hyun Beom, PCA South Korea chairman and PCA Thailand chairman Nicholas Edgerton as honored guests.

Pham Khac Hy, who won three medals for Vietnam at the PCA Korea Championship in 2019, will lead the five selected athletes as a bodybuilding coach as they compete in several tournaments in South Korea.

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