3rd VnExpress Marathon Hue medal carries royal imprint

By Thanh Lan   March 29, 2023 | 02:00 am PT
VnExpress Marathon Imperial Hue 2023 medal is inspired by tokens of the Nguyen Dynasty, embossed with image of a 200-year-old royal pavilion.

VnExpress Marathon Hue 2023 medal features Kim Bai and Kim Khanh cards.

Kim Bai was used as a piece of jewelry to show one's rank and position, while Kim Khanh was a token granted by the kings to people with outstanding merit.

VnExpress Marathon Imperial Hue 2020 medal was inspired by the Vu Phien fan dance performed at important parties in the former imperial capital Hue.

Mặt trước huy chương VnExpress Marathon Imperial Huế 2023. Ảnh:VM

The front side of VnExpress Marathon Imperial Hue 2023 medal. Photo by VM

The obverse of the medal embosses with the image of the 200-year-old royal pavilion Ngu Phung and Phuoc Duyen tower, while the reverse impresses with lyrics from Hue Thuong (Beloved Hue) song and the word "FINISHER".

The background is decorated with cloud pattern and frangipani flower blooming on the mossy wall, a signature image of Hue in April.

"The medal is not only a congratulation and recognition for the runners' effort, but also a gift that reminds participants of an ancient land," an organizer's representative said.

Mặt sau huy chương. Ảnh:VM

The back of the medal. Photo by VM

The runners of four distances will receive the same medal but with different string colors depending on their distances. Runners of 42 km distance will receive a medal with green string, 21 km purple, 10 km blue, and 5 km gold.

The medal's colors are inspired by Nhat Binh, a square-collared garb from the Nguyen Dynasty.

10,000 runners of VnExpress Imperial Hue Marathon 2023 will hit the road on April 16, making the race the largest sport event in Hue.

Runners will run past the ancient center of Hue and romantic suburbs.

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