Public restrooms around the world: same same but different

February 19, 2023 | 07:55 pm PT
Readers share their experience and lessons from using public toilets in Vietnam and around the world.

"Bathroom quality is one of the reasons I tend to mostly eat at Japanese restaurants with Japanese expats in Saigon as those places have the best bathrooms. Read any discourse on restaurants and chefs always say the cleanliness of the bathroom directly reflects the cleanliness of the kitchen."
Chris Roberts

"I have lived in many countries and public toilets are bad in most countries. I have lived in Vietnam 6 years now. Just like in most other countries, fancy malls have the cleanest toilets. But if you go to the street businesses or the countryside then you can expect dirty toilets. I lived in London, England for 2 years and I'd rather soil myself then use a public toilet in the U.K."

"Public toilets in the Philippines which I have traveled extensively are the worst I have ever seen including those in food outlets, hotels, motels, resorts, the problem is it's all about the money coming in and no expense is spent on upkeep also when several businesses share the facilities they all blame each other when questioned about the facilities."
Allan Taylor

"The worst public bathroom that I saw was the one in NYC subway. I live in Canada. We have Light Rail Transit and half of them don't have bathrooms for public. What I am trying to say is it's better to have filthy bathroom than having no bathroom at all."

"Back in the day it was called spending a penny to use a toilet --- maybe more for a No 2. Monetize it and they will come."
Wilson Muir

"Perhaps they want to know that Singapore specifically has an official task force aptly named as Restroom Association Singapore. The public toilets in Singapore were as dirty and foul-smelling decades ago until the government take serious and begin to provide jobs for the poor to take care of the public toilets and make them clean for everyone to use. As for Saigon, I often use the washrooms in the shopping malls or hotels."

"In Singapore, the business licenses will not be renewed if the toilets are not in good condition."
Albert Tiong

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