Phu Quoc was attractive 15 years ago

May 9, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
Vietnam’s largest island Phu Quoc is losing its charms with too much development, readers said.

"Fifteen years ago Phu Quoc was still an attractive destination, but since they have developed it too much- as usual - foreigners stay away."

"Let's do an experiment: You have the most beautiful island 20 years' ago, pristine beached, secluded, beautiful tropical forests, and the list goes on (ok, there was some work to do on the infrastructure. Which by the way was done perfectly). And then you turn the whole place into a corporate real estate overdeveloped Disney Land zombie place with empty and unsold ugly houses and fake Italian canals and Venetian lookalike villages, where people can come to take selfies. OK, done, selfies taken..... What is the incentive to go back?

For foreign tourists there are too many options to visit, so many 'Phu Quoc 20-years ago places' in Asia that have not been destroyed by corporate mismanagement, why experience the sad unfolding of Phu Quoc's demise? The declining tourism figures are definitely not the result of the global economic situation or inflation. You have to manage your heritage and have some sense of pride."
Johan Kruimer

"I just came back from that island and I'm so angry... everywhere looks like a landfill.. so dirty, trash everywhere, the beach water stinks... and fake Chinese-like European theme parks."
Let’s Go Brandon!

"I think more people want to see traditional things like Hoi An instead of a overbuilt, polluted and overpriced island. If tourists want to see Venice they will go there not Phu Quoc."

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