People letting dogs defecate in public is problematic

November 11, 2023 | 05:51 pm PT
People letting dogs defecate in public is problematic
A man walks his dog along the Sword Lake of Hanoi, April, 2022. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Thanh
Owning a pet is a personal choice, but it comes with a responsibility to the public, readers say.

"Many people treat their pets as their babies. They bring their dogs out and let them defecate all over the sidewalks, without cleaning up the waste. They can pamper their pets as much as they want, but allowing them to mess up public space is not acceptable. They would clean up the waste at their home, so why don't they do the same on the street? Authorities should impose very heavy fines on this act."
Dan den

"I've seen people who take their dog inside a restaurant and let the dog sit on the chair right next to them. They turn to caress the dog once in a while, and then its fur sheds all over the place. That's very dirty."
Doan Tien

"It's a person's own right to show love to their dogs, but not at the expense of the public. I've seen people who take their dogs into the ATM and let the pets urinate in the booth. Then they leave without even cleaning it up. They are spoiling their pets."

"You let your pets defecate in public places and shrug off complaints from other people. What's worse is when your spoiled pets attack other animals and people in public places, you don't even take responsibility. And when your pets make so much trouble in public places that other people have to push them away, you shout at them, even beat them. Is that civilized? I'm not against anyone raising pets as their own kids. But they should be civilized pet owners. Their love for their pets should not cause any trouble to anyone, or the public environment. If they cannot do that, they should simply not own a pet."
Nguyen Hung Nhan

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