My boss knows I applied for other companies

By Luc Lac Vang   March 9, 2023 | 05:08 pm PT
My boss knows I applied for other companies
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I'm 33 and currently living in HCMC. By this June, I would have been working at my company for eight years. My relationship with my boss and coworkers is fine, we have no conflicts.

My current job brings me about VND18 million a month. It is neither easy nor hard; it is mainly data processing and writing reports for the higher-ups. The job is a stable, yet repetitive, so I got a bit bored.

Before Tet (in late January), I learned that the company was having troubles recollecting certain debts, so layoffs and pay cuts might be in the picture. Along with the pressure of having to keep my family afloat, I thought about switching jobs many times.

After the holiday, I applied for certain companies and got some interviews. One of those companies wanted me to work for them, but it only offered me a salary about VND2 million higher than my current one. I would also have to work longer hours and commute further than my current job.

Even though this company promised me potential raises every six months if I do my job well, I thought that amid this tumultuous labor market, quitting a stable company for another that does not pay much better simply is not worth it.

I was going to turn down the offer when I learned that my current boss knew that I was applying for other companies. I heard this from a coworker, my boss has not said anything to me. But I knew that my boss knew due to the change in attitude.

Should I have a talk with my boss? All I wanted was a better life for my family, so I think my boss would understand. What should I do?

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