Motorbikes are important to HCMC

April 6, 2022 | 11:49 pm PT
Motorbikes are important to HCMC
Motorbike drivers on Xa Lo Ha Noi Street in Binh Thanh District, HCMC, August 2021. Photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran
Readers are not confident about a government plan to curb motorbikes in HCMC and other Vietnam's major cities from 2030.

"The only legitimate method would be to offer efficient and affordable mass transit options. However if you consider that all mass transit projects either die due to corruption/cost overruns or are close to a decade late in completing you are forced to come to the conclusion that any change on the need for motorbikes by 2030 is effectively impossible."
Chris Roberts

"These kinds of plans simply won't work. Plans like this have been tried around the world with no success. Additionally, more (a lot more) thought must be given to an even larger problem, which is cars and other vehicles on the roads. Even now, with the amount of cars on the roads, it is the number of cars which slow down the traffic... The number of cars are what needs to be limited already! Vietnam roads are at best, designed for motorbikes and roads here are definitely not designed for high traffic. Roads here will never ever work with even higher numbers of CARS!"

"In order to lose something as important as motorcycles in HCMC, there has to be a proper metro system in place for it to remotely work."

"Congestion pricing makes sense to limit the amount of traffic in core areas and provide more funding for public transit. But it should be targeted at both cars and motorbikes. Any time spent on the roads here in HCMC makes it pretty clear that cars cause far more traffic jams than motorbikes. Outright bans seem like an ineffective tool and don't take into account individual needs and realities. It would also be a more credible goal if the metro here was actually finished and operating."

"Face reality Vietnam will not develop a public transport system in 5 to 8 years to replace motorbikes, this is government pie in the sky. Instead put a plan to electrify the transport to reduce pollution."

"Eventually they will operate electric bikes for pollution problem, as for cars only taxi's and government cars should be allowed as they take up too much room and stops the free flow of traffic."
Terence cother

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