Maximizing the potential of train street cafes for tourism

By Thanh Le   March 19, 2023 | 05:00 pm PT
Maximizing the potential of train street cafes for tourism
A tourist takes photos on Hanoi Train Street, March 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Thanh
In Thailand, there is a famous market right next to the Mae Klong Railway Station that is a popular attraction. Vietnam should adopt a similar measure, according to readers.

For several months now, the Hanoi People's Committee has erected barricades to prevent people and tourists from filming, taking photos, and drinking coffee beside the train tracks that run along Tran Phu Street. However, some coffee shops remain open there to welcome guests despite the ban.

"Banning is not necessarily the best option. I think the city should issue specific regulations on train speeds and publicly display the weekly train schedule so that people and tourists can understand and plan their activities to avoid danger. This approach will provide tourists with more interesting experiences and generate more income for people."
Hoang Thien Thanh

"In Thailand, there is a market right next to the train line, which provides a unique experience for visitors. They have been operating for decades without any problems. We should learn from their experience. In fact, sitting and drinking coffee near the train line when everyone knows the train schedule in advance (with not too many trips) is safer than eating and drinking on the sidewalk near the roadway, where vehicles pass constantly."
NM Duny

"In Thailand and India, people still do business near railways like this. Business owners must ensure their own safe corridors and business locations; otherwise, they will be fined and banned from selling, and so they will automatically comply. Let's build management standards instead of totally banning it."
Nam Thanh

"There is no need to ban this, just put up danger signs and establish safety regulations. Those who let tourists violate the law must bear full responsibility. Thailand also has a very famous train market that operates normally. Many countries around the world offer more adventurous types of tourism, such as mountain climbing and exploring caves.

Inexpensive tourist destinations like Vietnam often attract tourists to new and unique sites, such as the train street cafe. If there are concerns about danger to the passengers, households here should be required to maintain safe corridors in accordance with regulations before conducting business. We should not be half-hearted in our approach. While there is a ban in one section of the Train Street, coffee shops are still in business to welcome guests at another section, which gives visitors a sense that our rules are ineffective."
Binh Luan

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