Longer visa exemption is good, no Covid test is even better

March 24, 2022 | 08:38 pm PT
Longer visa exemption is good, no Covid test is even better
Tourists are welcomed at Cam Ranh International Airport in central Khanh Hoa Province, December 2021. Photo by VnExpress/Xuan Ngoc
Foreigners want Vietnam to extend visa-free stay to 90 days, offer visa on arrival, and scrap Covid testing requirement.

"Thailand and Malaysia offer visa free for 90 days, Bali is 60 days... why would anyone fly halfway across the world for a 15-day Vietnam holiday? If you want to spend some time in Saigon, some time in Hanoi and some time on the beach, there's just not enough time."
Marc Anthony

"The longer the stay, the more revenue into the country."

"Should make it 90 days."

"If you get a visa on arrival with no paperwork then it is easy and inviting. If you need to do paperwork on landing and wait around for it or apply online and pay fees then it is harder and you put off potential customers. I lived in the region for a decade and never went to Vietnam until I went for work as I could go to almost every other country in the region with less visa headaches and as a result Vietnam didn't get my tourist spend. You can also see the impact of this extra headache with Vietnam having one of the lowest if not the lowest tourist return rate in the region."
Chris Roberts

"Offer visa on arrival VOA to more countries. Why as a Canadian do I need to go online apply for a visa, expensive fees and pay again upon arriving at the immigration? Open to more countries. In the last few years I visited Vietnam once or twice a year. Vietnam has a lot to offer: Good food, good hotels, good attractions, great air travel, friendly helpful people, safe environment, at a very good price to quality ratio, maybe the best of Asia.

Of course nothing is perfect, I would like to see the Vietnam immigration officers, especially at Hanoi airport, more polite, more courteous, more attentive to the visitors and offer faster service. Vietnam should learn from Japan that cleanliness attract tourists. See you soon Vietnam.

Vietnam has a lot of great things to offer."

"No visa requirement would be nice, but for me as a Dutch person I would value no more testing requirement much higher."

"Nobody will bother going through all the trouble, uncertainty, testing, flight delays, potential quarantine & insurance requirements regardless of how many days the visa is for.

Phuket, Thailand is Asia's leading destination & has been OPEN with the sandbox entry scheme for nine months and still only 5 percent of previous arrivals.

It's obvious the restrictions and uncertainty scare people off, and now the e-visa system has crashed. So many potential travelers can't get the visa.

The Russian market is finished, the Chinese won't be traveling until late 2023 & they're the bulk of Vietnam tourism. Good luck trying to get paying customers on a 15-day deal given the trouble in the world today."

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