Language schools desire to have westerners as clowns instead of real teaching

By Miguel Lee   January 20, 2023 | 03:31 pm PT
People from any country can teach English as long as they are qualified. Many others from native countries do not have qualifications and not because they are native means they have good grammar.

The inability of Vietnam to be an English speaking country is because of very small hours of English classes in schools. On top of this, schools desire to have westerners as clowns instead of real teaching; they wanted us to be just an hour of entertainment. Myself, I was born in Spain and I had lived in the U.K. for over eight years. I studied an Early Childhood degree in Scotland, I have gained a Celta certificate, swimming certificate, Child protection certificate and I am Special Needs qualified. I have been teaching across the U.K. for many years. I have moved to Asia in 2019 where I have been teaching English in different countries as India, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. In Vietnam I have tried to teach at public schools in Saigon, Da Nang, Hoi An and Hanoi. To my surprise each school has been the greatest disappointment ever. They do not take English classes seriously, only games and songs.

I only lasted a while in Vietnam and despite the fact that I loved the people, the food, the landscape... there was not enough to keep me long term because to me, education is everything and I will not sacrifice my career to become a clown. To be a qualified teacher in the West means a lot of effort, money and time. Why anyone who is a real teacher would swap it for being in a Vietnam circus? To summarize, until Vietnamese schools do not take English language seriously, you will always have scams and a population with very little skills to thrive.

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