If eating chickens is okay, then eating dogs is okay

By Brady Stewart   October 7, 2022 | 09:21 pm PT
If eating chickens is okay, then eating dogs is okay
Chickens at a farm in Ha Nam Province, northern Vietnam. Photo courtesy of the farm
What gives any of you the right to decide which animal is okay to eat and which is not? I don't eat any animals anymore.

I've had a dog and a cat before. Trust me, they are very loving animals. But I'm a big chicken, cow, pig, lamb lover. In my opinion no animal should be eaten. I'd rather watch no animals getting slaughtered than watching a pig, chicken, cow, dog or cat getting slaughtered. And no, if eating chickens is okay, then eating dogs is okay. It's not any worse than people that eat steak.

People in America need to come back to reality. Those cows pigs chickens you eat live horrible lives in factory farms but that cruelty never crossed anyone's minds while they were stuffing their faces at McDonald's every day. Don't tell me that cruelty is completely justifiable because those animals aren't as loving as dogs. Is that it? You only care about the animals that benefit and love you. That's a very selfish way of thinking. And it shows just the type of person you are when it comes to animals.

I've seen many videos of Americans killing pigs, chickens, and cows in the most inhumane way ever. Snapping their noses, separating families, beating them with sticks. Boiling them alive. I could go on and on. How come you think those animals get to be tortured day and night for their entire lives just for your taste pleasure that's not even gonna last 30 minutes? How come you think dogs and cats get a free pass and get to stay in the comfort of our own homes?

Cruelty is cruelty and it's the exact same no matter what animal it is. I advise you watch the video of how pigs are treated. A bunch of people including myself are trying to stop that madness. I saw [...] comments where you basically said that we should not feel sympathy for the other animals because we never had a friendship with them.. What? Like if you're going to kill an animal for meat, treat it with respect. Kill it fast.

The way you view dogs is the exact way Hindu's feel when you eat a burger. Open your eyes. There are many things your culture does that many people despise. Your only argument is that we've been companions for dogs for thousands of years so we shouldn't eat them. Do you think those other animals like to be eaten? I'm sure those animals would like to be domesticated than livestock. "Sorry, I view them as pets. I like these animals so it's inhumane to kill them. Only because I like them." Remember, dogs were once wild animals too. "But dogs are killed inhumanely and tortured." Yes. Same for any other animal. Look up videos of innocent baby chicks being grinned up alive. Look up videos of sheep's having their head brutally cut off. What do you say to those animals? "I don't like y'all so y'all can suffer." Yeah I'm sure their pain and suffering is no less than these "beloved" dogs.

I've said this earlier and I'm gonna say it again. How about you open your mind to the harshness of reality? Not everyone is the same as you and have the same moral values as you. People will eat and do things you dislike and vise versa. Learn to see things from all angles. Because if you were hungry enough, you'd eat a dog in a heartbeat. Wake up or your double standard mindset will be in your demise.

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