I have no issues with healthcare in Vietnam

July 12, 2023 | 06:37 pm PT
I have no issues with healthcare in Vietnam
A foreign man who is a Covid-19 patient listens as doctors explain to him the treatment process at Hanoi's National Hospital for Tropical Disease, March 2020. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Thanh
A recent InterNations survey found expats unhappy with healthcare services in Vietnam, but many readers felt the opposite.

"Years of living in Vietnam and no issues with healthcare... any budget and quality available."
Teal Burton

"I had excellent experience at University Medical Center in Saigon... I have visited the hospital in District 5 three times, had nothing but fantastic service and cheap prices, blood tests results emailed to me within half a day, ultrasound and X-rays immediately have results."

"I had spinal fusion surgery here in a hospital and it was excellent. It was not expensive and the service was fine. They treated me very well. This was 7 years ago."
Johnny Nguyen

"The level of health care you can pay for which in comparison to western private insurance is peanuts, Franco Vietnam and Vinmec HCMC are both first class and utterly reasonable or cheap."
Alex Gallagher

"I am a foreigner. I have found hospitals and dentists to be excellent in Vietnam. I got excellent treatment from the Family Hospital in Da Nang, also an accurate skin cancer diagnosis from Da Nang hospital, who could not treat in time available; but accepted without question by NHS. Also the Peace Dental Clinic in Truc Bach, Hanoi. Have excellent dental care. I have the highest regard for the medical and health care service I enjoyed in Vietnam. Add to that the containment of Covid 2020."

"French Hanoi hospital is first class but yes you have to have adequate health insurance coverage."

"I think it's a matter of researching what you need from a hospital here they have specialist doctors here who you can literally go see the next day! Unlike the West where you have to wait months sometimes for an appointment. Nothing to complain about!"
Michael Lowry

"If you don't speak Vietnamese like many foreigners then yes you will likely go to the private system where they speak English and cost much more and likely to overcharge you."

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