I am losing hundreds of dollars a month as ChatGPT took my job

By Quang Vu   December 4, 2023 | 05:08 pm PT
I am losing hundreds of dollars a month as ChatGPT took my job
A close up of a laptop screen showing a tab opening ChatGPT. Photo by Unsplash/Jonathan Kemper
AI can now create content, make images, and even videos quickly.

I created content and manage social media pages for many customers. These jobs earned me tens of millions of dong each month. But from the end of last month, I could no longer maintain this income because AI has taken over my jobs.

Customers don't need me anymore because now AI can handle most of the work: content writing, photo creation, design, voice recording, and even making short videos.

My customers, shop owners, can spend less than VND1 million (US$41) per month to buy a GPT chat account, and then use it to write content and scripts. They only have to spend a few hundred thousand dong more to buy voice reading software, then they can create a basic video. Why would they hire me?

The other day, a friend told me that she may have to direct her child toward manual jobs, or those that cannot be performed online or via a computer, to reduce the competition with AI.

She believes that jobs such as mechanics, and construction engineers will still require human presence, as it is difficult for AI to replace them.

After every scientific and technological revolution, advanced machines were created, liberating humans from certain labor, at the same time many people lost their jobs. Steam engines, internal combustion engines, typewriters, and computers have solved a large amount of work, accelerating civilization, but many people were pushed out of the workplace.

I agree that machines have helped create other professions such as drivers, typists, and office workers. But the revolution today is very different from previous ones.

For example, if AI is combined with surveillance cameras, who needs guards anymore? A building now using 10 security guards can cut back to four who will sit in the control room, looking at the screens. The AI can be "taught" to recognize suspicious people and trigger a siren and lock the doors. More importantly, these machines can operate 24/7 with a higher accuracy rate than humans.

Take my job for example. I used to write cooking lessons, but it does not really require the human factor any longer. People only need to know what ingredients are needed to cook this dish, and what steps to follow, and AI can tell them that.

And most of all, in the age of the information boom, viewers often only skim content and few people care about the creator's personal impressions.

So, human content creators will all face oblivion.

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