Everything sold in Vietnam is double or triple wrapped in plastic

April 16, 2023 | 10:23 pm PT
Everything sold in Vietnam is double or triple wrapped in plastic
A pile of trash including plastic wrappings on a street in Hanoi, November 19, 2020. Photo by VnExpress/Pham Tuan
Littering and the overuse of plastic are making Vietnam lose its charms to foreign tourists, readers said.

"Da Lat is potentially lovely but the amount of plastic and other waste, on the streets; in the lake in the river and surrounding countryside is horrible and a health hazard. It's very hard to avoid plastic, which is usually totally unnecessary or to find places to recycle it (although this is not the long term answer)."
Karyn Buckley

"It is too dirty for tourists coming from the developed world. Americans can go to Mexico or Canada and enjoy a trash-free holiday, Europeans can go wherever they want in Europe (except Paris) and enjoy a trash-free holiday, Japanese can go to Okinawa for a trash-free holiday and Aussies an explore the beauty of their own country or New Zealand and enjoy a trash-free holiday. Why come to Vietnam and be frustrated/irritated by the overwhelming amounts of garbage everywhere?"
Johan Kruimer

"At Kingkong on Phu Quoc Island you get a plastic bag for even the smallest purchase. Add to that all the takeaway drinks and food: a perfect recipe for disaster. It all starts with education in school. In my country it was the children who then educated the parents."
Jose Castroviejo

"Just back from Phu Quoc. Give credit to Marriott, glass water bottles, no plastic straws, wall mounted bath products. Completely the opposite of another hotel where so much plastic was used. But it's not tourists creating the plastic problem. Everything sold in Vietnam is double or triple wrapped in plastic on top of cardboard. The manufacturers need to reduce the amount of plastic packaging."

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