Enough with the fear, let's move on

March 13, 2022 | 10:43 pm PT
Enough with the fear, let's move on
Students get in line to have their body temperature checked before entering classes at a high school in HCMC, December 2021. Photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran
After two years, people should not worry too much about Covid-19 and apply anti-pandemic measures rationally, VnExpress International readers suggest.

"After two years of economic hardship and unprecedented related suffering, I have zero sympathy for the situation. It is time to move on. Yes, it's terrible people die but you don't see the same hysteria getting rid of cancer causing pesticides, thick pollution, traffic accidents, regular flu killing old people, etc.

Now that the death rates are back to a reasonable level, all talk about it being too early to get rid of the restrictions is absolutely ridiculous. It does not help at all. And all these small measures do not add up and they do not help. Why? Because everyone is fed up with this nonsense.

Let's all go back to normal, make a monument to remind each other what happens when you don't go give early treatment and let the virus take over your body until it can't cope anymore."

"Basically over in the U.S. and Europe. Enough is enough, move on with your lives and protect the elderly and high risk people."
Brent Everitt

"[The virus is endemic.] It is time to accept the virus isn't going to disappear."

"The truth is that nobody has ever taken social distancing seriously here. Even when the fear was at its highest, the urge of people to get ahead in supermarket queues always triumphed, as far as I could see. Health declarations largely remained ignored unless security men or shop employees were specifically telling people to fill them in. Hand sanitizer was sometimes ignored, sometimes used. Gathering of large groups of people has always continued in full swing as long as the police weren't there. Only masks have been pervasively adopted, but this seems to be partially because Vietnamese people were already used to wearing them. What I haven't figured out is whether there is a large virtue-signalling component to mask-wearing here, or whether it's simply done to avoid hassle. What is clear is that the vast majority of people don't actually believe that they are necessary, otherwise coffee shops and restaurants wouldn't be full of unmasked people. But the most striking thing is that I already had all these debates in Europe two years ago, and it's a crying shame that we're still having them now."

"Regulation and means to fight virus must be rational. We have witnessed how anti-pandemic measures could turn ineffective when used not wisely... the biggest nonsense was spraying disinfectant on the streets - in open spaces such action is total waste of recourses - pathogen in open space gets dispersed and not dangerous, especially when it is sunny - UV strongest natural disinfectant. Tests are good tool but only when used right way - when provinces around HCMC started requiring test result for entry in fact it facilitated the spread of virus - overcrowding in test facilities just helped the virus to infect more people, and 3 days validity of test result led to false sense of security - having negative result people acted as normal while they actually could have been infected... the other problem is applying restriction too locally - as it was in Hanoi - on one side of street restaurants open, on other side just selling for take out... people from restricted districts go to not restricted district and this way help virus to spread... so there must be clear rational rules - keeping distance, not crowding, wearing masks, keeping hygiene. Virus is more dangerous indoors. For indoors and outdoors must be different measures. Some activities are more dangerous - like karaoke - singing infected person spreads virus with more power - so distance, good ventilation requirements must be different for such activities. Simple clear and rational rules are the key - not crowding, keeping distance, wearing masks, hygiene, fresh air (proper ventilation)."

"I think Vietnam policy to ease measures is excellent and I think it should be applied on tourists as well. Keeping barriers on tourist entrance can only reduce the number of tourists, and I don't think it is something that Vietnam wants."
Zoran Drljaca

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