Dog meat no less civilized than other animals

By Viet Thanh   June 28, 2023 | 07:50 pm PT
Dog meat no less civilized than other animals
Pigs are brought to a slaughterhouse in Ha Nam Province in 2019. Photo by VnExpress/Tat Dinh
People have condemned the dog meat festival in China's Guangxi Province where dogs are tortured before death in the belief that adrenaline released by pain improves the quality of meat.

Eating dog meat is quite common in China and some other parts of Asia, including Vietnam. It's a practice that has existed for hundreds of years.

"Should we ban eating dog meat?" is a question raised from time to time, and VnExpress readers are divided over the matter.

"Banning dog meat is a global movement, not only in China or Vietnam. Dog meat is not and should not be considered a specialty. There is no tour that includes dog meat cuisine. Eating dog meat is an outdated idea, when people were still poor and did not have enough food. Considering dog meat as a culture, a specialty, is a misconception. Dogs are inherently attached to humans because they have lived in the house for a long time. As for cows, they are raised for milk, pigs are raised for meat, so eating them is not the same. There is a contradiction when some dogs are kept by people as friends and others are slaughtered. Also, as long as dog meat is allowed, all dogs will be hunted to serve that market, and dogs that are pets can also end up on the dining table, as in many dog theft cases."

However, not everyone supports the idea of saying no to dog meat.

"Many people always ask for double standards. Torturing an animal before eating it is not good, but deciding what to eat is each person's choice. As long as they don't eat rare animals that are on the banned list, it's accepted. For example, it is very common for Westerners to eat beef, but in India, it is considered a sacred animal, so it is not eaten. So should we condemn Westerners? Some people see a dog as a friend, and others do not. Some people like to eat dog meat, and others do not, it’s personal choice. What should be condemned here is the act of stealing dogs, not people eating dog meat."

"Eating pigs, chicken and cows is not more civilized than eating dogs. I believe the most uncivilized people in this matter are those who make extreme criticism against dog eaters, because that infringes on other people's freedom. Stolen dogs are sold to both slaughterhouses and to pet owners, and many dogs butchered were raised at dog farms. So don't blame dog eaters for fueling dog theft. I'm against animal abuse, but I don't believe eating dog meat is abuse."
Pham Thai Son

"Is there any animal species that is not friendly to humans? Chickens and pigs are as close to humans as dogs? Just look at the process of industrial chicken farming in the U.S., it is horrible. They can be grounded into animal feed. They can spend their whole life without touching the ground, living in a tiny cage, being crammed to eat under strong lights all day to fatten up. The West does not eat dog meat but they eat dolphin, canary, foie gras... It's not civilized and we don't need to imitate Westerners at all costs."

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