Collectors aren't bothering to sort our trash properly

By Hoai An Chu   June 20, 2023 | 04:52 pm PT
Collectors aren't bothering to sort our trash properly
Sanitary workers in Hanoi. Photo by VnExpress/Tat Dinh
My neighbor and I separate organic and inorganic waste, but our efforts mean zero when the trash collectors just take them together.

Recently, when I heard the government's call for people to sort garbage, my neighbor and I decided to put our inorganic waste together in my bin and the organic waste in hers, to avoid buying more bins. However, when the garbage truck arrives, the collector just empties the garbage from two bins into one truck, leaving us really frustrated.

If people in Vietnam work hard to sort their waste, it will be very beneficial. Organic waste can be chopped into micro-organic fertilizers, and inorganic waste such as bottles can be sold and scrapped for recycling.

Garbage collection companies must be ahead in sorting trash. They must use two types of garbage trucks, one to collect organic waste every day, and another to collect inorganic waste every few days.

There must be regulations to stipulate that unsorted trash will not be collected.

It's hard to understand when something so simple has not been done for so many years.

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