Begging should be for locals only

February 2, 2023 | 11:28 pm PT
Begging should be for locals only
A foreigner begs for money on the street of Ho Chi Minh City in 2018. Photo by Tim Bennett
With foreign tourists recently seen begging for money in Vietnam and Thailand, readers are divided over whether it's an act of entitlement or simply someone needing help.

"Foreigners don't understand that when you come to East and South Asia, that the act of begging is the lowest of all lows. In this day and age, even in this hemisphere of the world, they still think their pale white skin grants them special privileges, and that they can take advantage of civilized oriental people because they are docile and disciplined. Times have changed. You have nothing to contribute to society or economy then get ready to be dealt with like the liability you are. Accordingly. You aren't special compared to them. Stop your entitlement complex. Stop asking for handouts."

"I actually don't care what people do for a living, but it should be kind if honest work or service. Begging should be reserved locally, and everywhere, for locals only, in a hardship. Help for a begging stranger/foreigner should be limited to maybe a phone call or a lift towards some institutions, who might be able to help, e.g. embassy, hospital, police station."

"If you don't have the money don't travel. Begging in Vietnam is illegal also for locals, many feel intimidated and forced to donate, plenty of jobs to do, they're just lazy."
Peter de Brassiere

"You see this all over Europe. What exactly is the problem? If you don't want to give them anything, then don't. If so, a little cash or some food. If someone, a local or other tourist, freely gives a little cash or whatever, how exactly are they taking advantage?"

"Have some compassion, these people have run out of money and were spruiking for money. No one knows what will happen in life."

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