International arrivals to Laos hit record in nine months

By VNA   November 8, 2023 | 06:05 pm PT
International arrivals to Laos hit record in nine months
An aerial view of Luang Prabang, a popular tourist destination in Laos. Photo by Shutterstock
Laos attracted more than 2.4 million foreign tourists in the first nine months of this year, marking a record 285% increase compared to the same period last year, according to the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism of Laos.

Of the foreign visitors to Laos, nearly 1 million were from Thailand, over 600,000 from Vietnam, nearly 480,000 from China, and most of the remaining were from the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and the U.S.

According to the ministry, the increased influx was attributed to improved accessibility facilitated by faster travel on highways and Lao-China railway, which has become a popular means of transportation.

In addition, the emerging idea of "dispersed tourism" is gaining traction in the region. This fresh approach entails exploring less frequented destinations, especially in rural areas, where the allure lies in the natural beauty.

In the southern part of Laos, the cluster of Four Thousand Islands captivates travelers with its stunning scenery and cascading waterfalls.

The Lao government and local businesses have been collaborating to boost tourism through international exhibitions and ASEAN tourism fairs. With a target of 4.6 million visitors, Laos aims to generate US$712 million in revenue in 2024.

Previous campaigns, including Visit Laos Year and Visit Laos-China Year, saw significant success, with the Visit Laos Year 2018 witnessing 4.1 million arrivals (up 8.2% from 2017) and the Visit Laos-China Year 2019 welcoming 4.58 million visitors, a 9% increase from 2018.

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