I prefer Japan to Vietnam due to its cleanliness and politeness

May 10, 2024 | 03:29 pm PT
I prefer Japan to Vietnam due to its cleanliness and politeness
Vietnamese tourists in Kawaguchiko, Japan, on April 24, 2024. Photo by Dinh Gia Bao
I went to Japan twice during cherry blossom season and was impressed by its cleanliness, friendliness, politeness, and importantly, that the country has some of the cleanest public toilets in the world.

The above comment was left by reader Alohatifa in response to a recent article on how Vietnamese tourists have been flocking to Japan in droves.

Other readers have voiced similar opinions.

"Traveling to Northeast Asian countries like Japan we can realize one thing: streets there are clean and rubbish-free while destinations in Vietnam are filled with garbage and plastic waste."
Tran Lam

"When I went to Japan, I saw some Vietnamese tourists who refused to stand in line while people were queuing up. The Japanese people did not speak but their eyes looked at each other showing confusion and dissatisfaction. Even I myself have had a similar experience: when I went to pray at a Japanese temple, due to the large number of visitors, people lined up in four rows. After throwing a coin, people only stood and prayed for a few minutes. When it was my turn, a Vietnamese woman did not know me, suddenly cut in front of me and stood there for a long time."
Soc Nau

"Most Japanese people are kind, which is a plus point for visitors to Japan."
Hieu Vo

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