What to do with ChatGPT

February 6, 2023 | 04:32 pm PT
Luu Nhat Huy Management consultant
I began the lunar year by working with an artificial intelligence product.

I wanted to address my staff on the first working day after the Tet holidays, but instead of writing a speech by myself, I asked ChatGPT to do it by using three keywords: "optimism," "speed" and "resilience."

It finished the speech in 15 seconds. It was terrific though I had to edit it a little bit.

The AI tool knew how to express my ideas logically based on the keywords I provided.

The speech expressed the foundation, the connection between these keywords, and the central point. Moreover, the structure of the speech was excellent, making a reference to the current economic situation and highlighting the key points and conclusions.

The writing was coherent, and the wording is suitable for business executives and consultants.

ChatGPT by U.S. startup OpenAI is estimated to have reached 100 million active users in January, just two months after launch, making it the fastest-growing consumer app in history, according to a study released on February 1 by analytics firm UBS. This is the fastest record to reach 100 million users in the history of software applications.

Many users have commented about the chatbot, with most alluding to its super-intelligence and some expressing concern that the chatbot would usurp their jobs.

Scientists have discussed integrity, honesty, and abuse of ChatGPT in learning and researching.

Skeptics are keeping a wary eye on the "unknown super-intelligent person" worried it may dispense fake news and unverified knowledge.

However, I merely think about "Can we use AI? What do we use AI for?" and "How do we use it in our daily life?"

I now look at ChatGPT as a product with high application. The question now is "What role do we play when using AI?"

To get back to the above example, I clearly save much time as AI tools run many errands for me. After testing it again and again, I have realized that the clearer your question, the better the answer you get from it.

"I think, therefore I am" is the famous line by French philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes. It means thinking represents human consciousness. But now AI too is thinking.

In my opinion, humanity is entering an era of higher cognitive thinking – the ultimate ability proving the role of humans.

When asking ChatGPT to write the speech based on the three keywords, I showed my higher cognitive thinking. I just changed the wording a little to make the speech fit my style and added some examples to make it clearer.

I could discuss it with the machine like with a person when I was editing it.

It means there is no threat that AI can replace humans. Humans have thoughts but things having thoughts are not human. ChatGPT and other AI products are intelligent tools created to serve humans.

Therefore, I think we shouldn't spend time discussing further about this product and instead of that, let's start using the tool for our own purposes.

Even my wife, who is anything but a tech lover, nodded in appreciation when ChatGPT completed her Australia visa request letter.

AI is used now for many tasks and is expected to phase out simple jobs. It will be an assistant working 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and help save time when creating marketing content or designing, reporting and preparing a presentation.

And, of course, it is going to be developed more and more.

The U.S. entertainment website BuzzFeed has announced plans to cut its workforce by 12% and replace the employees with AI tools to reduce costs, citing the worsening economic situation.

In Vietnam, my experience with AI products and observation of companies and public offices make me believe that smart robots will soon replace lazy human workers.

Super AI products with point-of-need learning could plant the seed for a new industrial revolution that helps enhance labor productivity by eliminating workers who are passive, inefficient and cannot learn, and those who lack the skills to work with AI.

*Luu Nhat Huy is an expert in strategic consulting and organizational development.

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