‘The people make Vietnam special’

November 5, 2021 | 04:28 pm PT
‘The people make Vietnam special’
Two farmers chat in their chrysanthemum garden in Sa Dec, Dong Thap Province. Photo by Cao Ky Nhan
The respect and kindness of the Vietnamese people, together with the exquisite street foods, are what make the country so attractive, foreigners say.

"I feel safe here and far safer than in my country. I can walk down alleyways late at night or walk halfway across Ho Chi Minh City by myself and not feel like I’m in any danger. I’ve left my bicycle unlocked outside of shops and my apartment block and it’s never moved, or someone has guarded it for me. I’ve left my motorbike keys by accident in my bike and my bike remained where it was with the keys still in the ignition. I’ve even been in situations where people, who don’t speak a word of English, stepped in to try and help me."
Elizabeth Petty

"There are so many little things that make me say that living here is special. I arrived in Vietnam almost by coincidence (or maybe was fate) and I immediately fell in love with the country and its people.

I feel at home here and it's a fantastic feeling. I love people's smiles and their helpfulness; the greetings with neighbors and the toasts they force me to make with them.

It's wonderful how many people are willing to participate in [volunteer] activities: here there is a really beautiful community but there is more, much more and the most important thing is that I am happy to be here."
Karim Schneider

"The people are amazing and incredibly humble and generous to us sometimes silly, ignorant foreigners. Considering what the country went through not too long ago the people are open and willing to share the beauty and uniqueness of their culture and country."
Alan Stokes

"The Vietnamese people. They are the most hospitable, humblest, well-mannered, law-abiding, family-oriented and affectionate race on earth.

Oh, I need not mention their exquisite cuisine. The entire world knew that already."
Rob Ocampo

"I never understood the word respect until I lived two years in Vietnam. Vietnamese are the kindest most respectful people I have ever met."
Michael McAlister

"It is no rumor or exaggeration that the people are extremely generous and kind in this beautiful country, I have experienced first-hand encounters with both old and young where I live and work. In fact, they would go out of their ways to render help to me despite having little knowledge about their language. During all the lockdowns, I would constantly meet some relief packages in front of my gate. I shouldn't forget to mention how I was contacted for my vaccine shot. Wherever I am, and it is safe, is a place I consider my home."
Thầy Charles (Teacher Charles)

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