Banning motorbikes no solution to congestion

December 9, 2021 | 04:00 am PT
Banning motorbikes no solution to congestion
Heavy traffic on Nguyen Trai Street in Hanoi's Thanh Xuan District, May 2020. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Thanh
Hanoi plans to ban motorbikes from 2025 to reduce congestion and emissions, but some do not see it as a practical fix.

"Cars are the problem, not the motorbikes..."

"The biggest problem of Vietnamese roads and particularly in Hanoi are cars, stop adding cars to the roads. The second biggest problem is the lack of traffic rules, people for once needs to learn how to drive properly. I think that promoting electric motorbikes is also a good idea, it's not everyone's favorite but lately electric motorbikes have been proving to be reliable."

"Vietnam is a motorbike country. You think 5.6 million people are gonna just get off and walk? You really think they will use public transportation?? Or they will all suddenly be rich and buy cars? And where would you put all those cars? Vietnam roads are designed for motorbikes... It's all the CARS that are causing the problems here!"

"And so once again, the poor suffer. How will market vendors get their produce to town to sell? If trucks bring it in for them, it would raise the costs of local food, thus affecting the poor again."

"A solution to pollution, not congestion, is to go electric bikes. People in Vietnam don't use cars, the motorbike is the family transport. Ban petrol bikes in cities. It works in China. Introduce a financial aid system to buy electric bikes, phased over five years, big discount for year one, small discount the longer you wait. Yangon has no motorbikes at all. Bikes will always be, and should be, part of Vietnam culture, just make them electric."

"Better ban only fuel powered motorcycles and allow electric ones. That also stimulates economy."
Christian Grajek

"They should be pushing electric motorbikes. Part of the charm of Vietnam is how people live by motorbike. It should be emrbaced and not forgotten."
Joe Eastwood

"Do you know what else causes loads of pollution? Tens of thousands of busses constantly speeding up and breaking for bus stop. Try to imagine how much harmful dust is generated from all those heavy busses constantly stopping. Not to mention that busses are nowhere near as convenient as your own wheels. More cars will just clog the city more, I own a car but don't use it to go downtown in rush hour of course. You want to limit pollution, stop trash burning which happens every day, wanna limit congestion, differentiate the times schools start and finish, let office workers work from home twice a week."
Kacper Stepien

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