Workers clean up HCMC flower street

By Quynh Tran   February 6, 2022 | 07:52 pm PT
Five hundred workers were employed to clear the annual Tet flower show on Nguyen Hue Street in downtown Saigon on Sunday night.

Workers remove two tiger dummies measuring three meters in height, seven meters in length and weighing over 200 kilograms.
To mark the Year of Tiger, the flower street, which was open for nine days until Friday, featured replicas of the animal.


Two men cart away a new year sign.


Another tiger replica, this one 4.6 meters tall and 10 meters long, is dismantled for taking away.


Replicas of tiger cubs are being taken away to tourism areas where they will continue to remain on show.
"Most ornaments at the flower street will be reused," a worker named Loc said.


Workers remove a coconut tree.
There were 24 coconut trees on display, and they will be sent back to Dong Thap Province in the Mekong Delta where they will be tended again after over 10 days in HCMC.


Workers remove pots of flowers.


Flowers that survived were sent to parks around the city, including Tao Dan, April 30 and September 23.


This year’s event featured around 80 types of flowers displayed in almost 97,000 pots.


A welder removes a miniature of the Vietnamese countryside.


Fish are caught to be sent back to the Binh Quoi Tourism Area in Binh Thanh District.


The flower street was cleared up Sunday night to make way again for the Nguyen Hue pedestrian plaza. On Friday, the original date of the show’s closure, the city had announced it would not be dismantled for another two days given the large number of visitors still coming.


Phuoc (C) records the cleanup after returning to the city from his hometown on Sunday.
"Keeping the flower street open for two more days means a lot to people like me [those who work in the city and leave for their hometown for Tet]."
This year the event attracted 350,000 visitors, 440 percent last year’s figure.

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