Woman swallows $550 in banknotes, hospitalized

By Tran Hoa    January 30, 2022 | 01:00 am PT
In a fit of anger with her family, a 31-year-old woman in Dak Lak Province swallowed 25 VND500,000 banknotes (worth $551.88) that had to be surgically removed.
General Hospital of the Central Highlands in July, 2020. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Oanh

The Central Highlands General Hospital. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Oanh

On Saturday afternoon, the woman, whose name has not been revealed, was brought to the Central Highlands General Hospital, agitated but conscious.

A doctor picked up 13 banknotes after doing an endoscopy. Next, the patient was transferred to the operating room, anaesthetized, and the remaining 12 notes were removed from her stomach.

The patient was recovering well after the surgery, doctors said.

A senior doctor at the hospital said this was a rare case. If the money hadn't been taken out in time, serious complications like intestinal obstruction or damage to the intestinal wall may have occurred, he added.

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