Woman hospitalized after swallowing stone advertised as panacea

By Chi Le   November 28, 2022 | 12:20 am PT
Woman hospitalized after swallowing stone advertised as panacea
A stone stuck in the esophageal of a 70-year-old woman in Bac Giang Province as seen in an endoscopic photo provided by Bac Giang General Hospital.
A 70-year-old woman in northern Vietnam was taken to hospital after she swallowed a stone advertised to be able to cure all diseases.

Doctors at the General Hospital of Bac Giang Province said Monday that she was admitted in a state of panic and scared.

Her family said she had suffered from coughing for many days, so she had bought a stone advertised to help people "cure any diseases" by keeping it in their mouth alone.

A few days ago, she placed the stone in her mouth and then went to bed.

When she fell asleep, she accidentally swallowed it. She woke up feeling pain in her throat so her family took her to the hospital.

An X-ray scan showed a subject of two centimeters wide in her esophageal.

Doctors had to carry out endoscopic surgery to pick it out. She is now in stable condition.

They advised people against trusting medical products without clear origins online.

If unfortunately swallowing a subject, people should seek medical help as soon as possible instead of trying to get it out at home as that could cause the subject to fall deeper into the digestive system or get stuck, causing the victim to suffocate.

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