Vietnam demands China withdraw vessels from its waters

By Vu Anh   May 25, 2023 | 03:13 am PT
Vietnam demands China withdraw vessels from its waters
China's survey vessel Xiangyanghong 10. Photo courtesy of Global Security
Vietnam demanded that China pull its survey ship Xiangyanghong 10 and other vessels out of Vietnamese exclusive economic zone on Thursday.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Vietnamese authorities have dialogued with China multiple times, and [the Vietnam side has] performed appropriate measures in accordance with Vietnamese and international law to ensure Vietnam’s legitimate rights and interests," foreign ministry deputy spokeswoman Pham Thu Hang said at a press conference.

Hang’s statement came in response to inquiries regarding the fact that a Chinese survey ship, the Xiangyanghong 10, as well as other Chinese coast guard and fishing vessels, had entered Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the East Sea recently.

"Vietnam requests relevant authorities on the Chinese side to adhere to the mutual understanding developed by the leaders of both countries, end all violations, withdraw the Xiangyanghong 10 vessel and other coast guard and fishing vessels from Vietnamese waters, respect Vietnam’s sovereignty and jurisdictional rights, and follow the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties (DOC) in the South China Sea," Hang said.

The Xiangyanghong 10 vessel was escorted by several Chinese vessels towards the Vanguard Bank, an area of the East Sea located within Vietnam’s EEZ, earlier this month, the South China Morning Post reported.

China had previously sent vessels to the Vanguard Bank area in July 2019. Vietnam asked China to withdraw the vessels, which they did in October of that year.

In accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), any research and survey activities within a country’s EEZ must be approved by that country.

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