VinCSS’s journey from zero to global FDO pioneer at Authenticate 2023

By Thy An   October 19, 2023 | 06:00 pm PT
VinCSS, the world's first company to successfully commercialize FDO, made a noteworthy impression at Authenticate 2023, a conference organized by the FIDO Alliance in Carlsbad from Oct 16 to 18.

Authenticate 2023, a premier event in the industry, was devoted entirely to user authentication, with a particular emphasis on FIDO-based sign-ins.

CISOs, business leaders, product managers, security strategists, and identity architects were provided with education, tools and best practices for implementing modern authentication across web, enterprise and government applications.

VinCSS was at the forefront of the FDO component of the conference, playing a prominent role as a platinum sponsor, holding an exhibition and presenting two distinguished speakers.

VinCSS with FIDO working group. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

VinCSS with IoT Working Group. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

It VinCSS was the only company to showcase both FIDO2 and FDO products.

VinCSS's FIDO2 ecosystem, the first robust passwordless ecosystem in ASEAN, offers FIDO2-compliant products and services that enhance organizational security, lower operating costs and improve digital experiences.

Attendees were particularly impressed by VinCSS's FDO IoT Security Solutions, which are the first commercially available and utilized in real-world applications.

Simon Trac Do and Kha Nguyen, CEO and DCEO of VinCSS. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

Simon Trac Do and Kha Nguyen, CEO and DCEO of VinCSS. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

Simon Trac Do and Kha Nguyen, CEO and DCEO of VinCSS, delivered a presentation titled "From Zero to Commercial: The Two-Year Journey of an Early Adopting FDO Vendor."

Attendees had the opportunity to learn from VinCSS's experiences and gain insights into the journey of an early-adopting FDO vendor.

The presentation shared all the twists and turns of the two years dedicated to developing and commercializing FDO technology in Vietnam.

They also showed several quick wins and numerous positive insights, demonstrating ideas and insights from practical experience for the successful penetration by the FDO standard into the market.

VinCSS’s representatives concluded by two demos, which presented an application of FDO technology to a smart mobility parking lot, delivering remarkable ROI for customers.

The presentation garnered accolades and praise from the conference attendees, including the FDO Working Group.

Recognized among the select few global frontrunners with FDO commercial products and solutions, the company's peers include globally renowned entities such as Intel, Dell and Red Hat.

VinCSS commercial products. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

Commercial products of collaboration between VinCSS and Pavana. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

VinCSS's participation in Authenticate 2023 is a testament to the company's deep understanding and strong business potential.

Its booth attracted not only industry experts but also investors, creating further investment opportunities in this promising field.

According to Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer at FIDO Alliance, the global FIDO Authentication Market is booming.

It is expected to surge from USD1.2 billion in 2023 to USD12 billion in 2032. That's a massive opportunity. VinCSS has been a true pioneer in the FIDO and FDO industry and has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the value that these authentication standards can bring to businesses and consumers alike.

"I have no doubt that VinCSS will continue to play an important role in driving the adoption and evolution of these critical standards in Vietnam and the wider Asia-Pacific region, and I am excited to see what the future holds for this innovative company," he added.

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