Vietnamese women arrested in Malaysia with ecstasy-infused instant coffee

By VnExpress   March 14, 2017 | 08:22 pm PT
The suspects have reportedly crushed the drugs into powder and sold them in 3-in-1 coffee sachets.

Two Vietnamese women have been arrested in Malaysia for drug trafficking, VietnamPlus reported.

Police busted a ring engaged in packing ecstasy in tea and coffee packets, Kuala Lumpur’s drug crime investigation chief Guan Beng Kang said at a press conference held Monday.

The drug police initially detained a 27-year-old suspect at 2 a.m. last Friday, who snitched on his 24-year old Vietnamese wife and a 42-year Vietnamese woman at an apartment in Kuala Lumpur.

The raid team also detained a local married couple aged 43 and 34.

Guan added that police seized 16.48 grams of what is believed to be methamphetamine along with 1,259 grams and 41 capsules of ecstasy powder, 187 ecstasy pills, a plastic packet containing what is believed to be amphetamines, another packet of the anesthetic ketamine, 10 pills of intermediate-acting hypnotic drug Eramin 5 and a clear packet of marijuana, said Guan.

“Their modus operandi was to crush the ecstasy tablets using pestle and mortar and place the powder into 3-in-1 coffee sachets before selling it between RM200 and RM300 ($44 - $67),” newswire Bernama quoted the drug crime investigation police chief as saying.

Guan said police also seized a pistol, drug-processing tools, and case valued at about RM90,000 at the scene.

The suspects will remain in custody for seven days pending the results of further investigation.

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