Vietnam repatriates citizen from Afghanistan amid rising tensions

By Phan Anh   August 15, 2021 | 11:48 pm PT
Vietnam repatriates citizen from Afghanistan amid rising tensions
Youths take pictures next to an Afghan flag on a hilltop overlooking Kabul, Afghanistan, April 15, 2021. Photo by Reuters/Mohammad Ismail
A Vietnamese employee was repatriated earlier this month amid rising tensions in Afghanistan, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said Sunday.

On Aug. 3, the Vietnamese Embassy in charge of Pakistan and Afghanistan had safely repatriated a Vietnamese citizen working for a UN agency in Afghanistan.

At present, there are no more Vietnamese citizens in the country, the embassy confirmed.

Amid escalating situations in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has instructed the embassy to monitor the situation and prepare for any necessary citizen protection measures.

On Sunday, Taliban forces entered the Afghan capital Kabul after taking control of several major cities in recent months as U.S. and other foreign forces withdrew from the country, Reuters reported.

The same day, a spokesman for the Taliban's political office declared the war was over in Afghanistan and called for peaceful relations with the international community.

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