Vietnam frigate makes Russian Navy Day debut

By Phan Anh   July 29, 2019 | 03:10 am PT
Vietnam frigate makes Russian Navy Day debut
Officers and sailors on the 016-Quang Trung. Photo courtesy of Vietnam News Agency.
The 016-Quang Trung frigate docked in Vladivostok City Sunday to participate in Russia’s Navy Day for the first time.

The 016-Quang Trung is a Gepard-class frigate equipped with stealth and anti-rocket technologies from Russia.

Also participating in the celebration at the Vodyana Port in Vladivostock are 14 navy units, 12 fighter jets, 35 warships and submarines from Russia; and the Davao del Sur (LD-602) from the Philippines.

The Navy Day event includes the showcasing of weapons and equipment from the Pacific Fleet, the retelling of the formation and development of the Russian Navy and the Pacific Fleet, as well as musical performances.

The Vietnamese frigate's participation in the event also supports the celebrations of the Vietnam Year in Russia and the Russia Year in Vietnam (2019-2020) to commemorate 70 years of bilateral diplomatic relations since 1950.

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