Two Vietnamese detained in Paris drug fraud

By Minh Nguyen   March 1, 2017 | 07:55 pm PT
The pair stand accused of scheming to sell subsidized French drugs for a profit in Vietnam.

Parisian police detained two French citizens of Vietnamese origin for allegedly falsifying documents to obtain prescription drugs they planned to sell in Vietnam, the Le Parisien reported.

The accused, who used to be a couple, were caught red-handed last week at a hotel near Paris during their delivery of the drugs, the newspaper said Monday

Police say the couple used false papers to collect prescription drugs from 430 pharmacies, mostly in Parisa scheme that caused €150,000 ($158,000) in losses to France's health care system.

Investigators say the pair enlisted flight attendants to smuggle the medicines into Vietnam. 

During a search of the suspects' home, French investigators found €15,000 in cash, a bag of medicine and €6,000 worth of luxury leather goods, the newspaper reported.

The two face charges of fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs, according to the report.

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