Two major Hanoi hospitals stop taking new Covid-19 patients

By Le Nga   May 24, 2021 | 11:45 pm PT
Two major Hanoi hospitals stop taking new Covid-19 patients
Medics and patients at the Covid-19 field hospital of Bach Mai Hospital, May 2021. Photo by VnExpress/The Anh.
The Bach Mai Hospital and the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases have stopped receiving new Covid-19 patients; other Hanoi hospitals will have to handle the task.

Officials at Bach Mai, one of the nation’s most renowned and popular public facilities, said their Covid-19 field hospital was busy taking care of those with Covid-19 symptoms and those that have been announced free of the novel coronavirus but still need medical monitoring.

Since the system to control cross infections at the field hospital is not complete, they cannot guarantee containment if they receive new patients at this time and treat them at the facility along with Covid-19 suspects, the officials explained.

A cluster by itself with 89 cases so far, the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases, a frontline Covid-19 facility, has also stopped admitting new patients.

As guided by the municipal Department of Health, four city-level hospitals of Bac Thang Long, Duc Giang, Thanh Nhan and Ha Dong will be in charge of treating new Covid-19 patients.

In case there is a surge in the number of cases, the Ministry of Health will arrange for patients to be transferred to national-level hospitals.

As of Tuesday morning, Hanoi had recorded 316 Covid-19 cases in Vietnam's fourth Covid-19 wave that started almost a month ago.

Of these, 137 are registered in two hospitals under lockdown – the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases and the K Hospital that specializes in cancer treatment.

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