138 killed in road accidents during long weekend holiday

By Gia Chinh   May 1, 2024 | 07:07 pm PT
138 killed in road accidents during long weekend holiday
A traffic police directs the movement of vehicles on a road in Hanoi, May 2, 2024. Photo by VnExpress/VH
During the five-day Reunification Day-Labor Day holidays that ended Wednesday, there were 347 traffic accidents that resulted in 138 deaths and injuries to 285 people.

Compared to last year, also a five-day holiday, the number of accidents decreased by 9.1%, deaths by 32.3%, and injuries by 1.3%.

Nationwide, traffic police organized over 19,600 patrols to ensure road safety.

They dealt with over 78,000 violations, collecting fines of more than VND171 billion (US$6.73 million) and temporarily seizing nearly 750 cars and 29,300 motorcycles and revoking more than 15,300 driver's licenses.

Most of the violations involved driving under the influence of alcohol (21,400 cases) and speeding (21,000).

Ninety drivers tested positive for drugs, and 900 vehicles were found to be overloaded or illegally modified.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, road safety and order were maintained overall, with traffic volumes peaking on the first and last days of the holiday.

On April 27-28 and May 1 there was congestion on several highways and expressways at the northern and southern entrances to Hanoi.

In HCMC and neighboring areas, traffic increased significantly, particularly on expressways leading to the city.

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