Guards at HCMC hospitals get Tet bonus as high as $3,000

By Le Phuong   January 23, 2024 | 06:34 pm PT
Guards at HCMC hospitals get Tet bonus as high as $3,000
People come to a hospital in HCMC. Photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran
With revenue increases from receiving more patients, public hospitals in HCMC are handing out Tet bonuses to staff in all positions, including as much as VND75 million (US$3,000) for security guards.

A representative of the HCMC Hospital of Dermato Venereology on Monday said it is giving the same bonus of VND75 million to all workers this year, from security guards to nurses to the hospital's director.

The amount is VND5 million higher than last year.

Including other forms of bonuses like 13th month salaries, an employee at the hospital can receive over VND100 million worth of bonuses, which is as much as Vietnam's GDP per capita in 2023.

Over the past two years, the dermatology hospital, which also provides plastic surgeries, has been paying some of the highest amounts of Tet bonuses among the public health sector.

Cho Ray Hospital, the top public hospital for emergency cases in southern Vietnam, also pays their workers handsome bonuses, with employees at all positions receiving at least around VND60 million.

Senior workers at the hospital can receive Tet bonuses amounting to over VND100 million.

"Thanks to the higher number of patients, investment into new technologies, and increasing patient satisfaction, the hospital's revenue has helped improve the income of health workers," a representative of Cho Ray said, adding that more people have also come to the hospital for check-up now that Covid-19 is contained.

At Gia Dinh People's Hospital, this year's Tet bonuses are around 30% higher than last year, at around VND20-30 million per person, thanks to the higher number of diagnoses.

But its representatives said the hospital has not recorded a very big surge in revenues as the hospital often receives severe cases and when the patients are poor or homeless, it has to mobilize funds from multiple sources to cover costs.

Several other specialized hospitals in HCMC also reported higher Tet bonuses than last year, including the HCMC Ear Nose Throat Hospital, where doctors will get VND41 million bonuses this year, 1.4 times higher than last year.

The higher Tet bonuses have come as especially good news for medical workers after many hospitals encountered financial difficulties due to the impacts of the recent pandemic, along with legal challenges regarding the purchasing of drugs and equipment.

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