Saigon detains four men running fake condoms factory

By Nhat Vy   June 7, 2019 | 05:31 pm PT
Saigon detains four men running fake condoms factory
A police photo shows fake condoms to be packaged as popular brands at a facility in Ho Chi Minh City.
HCMC police arrested four men running a fake condom and lubrication production facility worth VND6 billion ($258,000) on Friday.

Last Wednesday, the police busted several locations in HCMC and found a large amount of fake condoms and lubricants being produced and stored.

Truong Chi Thanh, identified as the head of the operation, told the police he was making and distributing fake condoms to many provinces and cities in Vietnam.

In January, Thanh had already been found with over 120,000 fake condoms and lubricants intended for packaging as popular brands like Durex, OK or Sure. More than 60 kg of raw materials were also found. He had actually expanded the operation while police were preparing to officially open their probe.

A survey by the Ministry of Health showed up to 85 percent of condoms sold in Vietnam were not distributed by the original brands. The ministry warned that people were at great risk of buying fake goods.

Every year, Vietnamese people use 500-600 million condoms. Most buyers are only interested in the designs, prices or fragrance and pay little attention to the genuineness of the product, the survey found.

According to Dr Kristan Schoultz, UNAIDS Vietnam Country Director, fake condoms are not sterilized or treated in conditions that meet the criteria related to temperature, duration, and air pressure. Even if people used them properly, they could become infected or transmit bacteria to their partners, he said.

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