290 kg of cocaine washed ashore in central Vietnam

By Pham Linh   January 15, 2024 | 03:22 pm PT
290 kg of cocaine washed ashore in central Vietnam
Over 290 kg of drugs washed ashore in Quang Ngai Province in central Vietnam have been taken to a border guard station for an investigation. Photo by VnExpress/Van Linh
More than 290 kilograms of what has been identified as cocaine were washed ashore in central Quang Ngai Province and discovered by locals.

The border guard station in Binh Hai Commune, Binh Son District on Monday said a man who was going fishing on Sunday discovered a gray bag on the shores, with several smaller packets containing white powder inside. He then reported what he discovered to the border guards.

Authorities later found two other similar bags, with the word "ITWIT" inscribed outside, containing a total of 288 packets, each packet weighing around a kilogram.

An initial investigation revealed the white powder to be cocaine. It is the largest amount of drugs to ever been washed ashore in Vietnam.

A week ago, locals also discovered three packets of cocaine in a plastic bag and reported the matter to border guards. Border guards and the police are cooperating to figure out the origins of the drug.

In central Vietnam regions, fishermen have discovered drug packets washed ashore several times. Over a year ago, 20 packets of ketamine weighing 20 kg have also been washed ashore in Quang Ngai. People in Quang Tri and Quang Nam also discovered similar packets. Authorities said the drugs might have been unsuccessfully delivered between countries via the sea.

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