Government to restrict e-cigarette, shisha

By Viet Tuan   May 27, 2023 | 12:00 am PT
Government to restrict e-cigarette, shisha
A saleswoman holds an e-cigarette as she demonstrates vaping at the Vape Shop that sells e-cigarette products in Beijing, China, January 30, 2019. Photo by Reuters/Thomas Peter
The government has approved a national program to restrict the use of e-cigarettes, shisha and other new tobacco products.

It is part of a comprehensive program proposed by the Ministry of Health to prevent the harmful impacts of cigarettes.

It aims to reduce the percentage of smoking males above 15 years of age to below 39% and that of women to below 1.4%.

It also hopes to prevent passive smoking at workplaces, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and other public places.

Research will be done into the negative impacts of tobacco, especially new products.

The government is also working on increasing taxes on tobacco products and determining minimum prices for them.

Tobacco sales at duty-free shops will be tightly controlled and more no-smoking areas will be created. A ban on online tobacco advertisements is also on the cards.

The Ministry of Health has also called for a ban on all new tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and heated tobacco.

Experts said Vietnam does not have an e-cigarette market yet, and suggested there should be policies to preclude it.

A survey in 2022 found that 3.5% of people aged 13-15 used e-cigarettes.

Besides nicotine, e-cigarettes also contain glycerin and propylene glycol, which can become propylene oxide, a carcinogen once heated and vaporized.

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