Phone snatcher sentenced to jail for robbing German traveler

By Phan Anh   August 14, 2020 | 01:21 am PT
A man in southern Dong Nai Province was sentenced to four years in jail Thursday for robbing a German tourist of her phone in February.

Tang Kim Dan, 27, was charged with confiscation of property, the provincial People's Court heard.

Dan was riding a motorbike along a national highway on February 20 when he spotted Franziska Schwaeler, a 19-year-old German. A mobile phone, worth VND2.2 million ($95), was attached on her motorbike, Dong Nai newspaper reported.

As Dan absconded with the phone, Schwaeler attempted a pursuit but fell from her bike.

The culprit subsequently sold the phone for VND300,000 ($13). He was arrested by the police a month later.

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