One dies, two missing after cargo ship splits fishing boat in half

By Pham Linh   February 22, 2024 | 08:53 pm PT
One dies, two missing after cargo ship splits fishing boat in half
Fishermen try to stay afloat after their boat was split in half following impact with a cargo ship in the seas of Quang Ngai in central Vietnam on Feb. 23, 2024. Photo courtesy of the Quang Ngai border guards
A fisherman died and two others went missing when their fishing boat was split in half by a cargo ship in the seas of central Quang Ngai Province on Friday.

The fishing vessel, helmed by 46-year-old Nguyen Dam, was catching fish about five nautical miles away from the shore on the Tinh Ky sea region when it was hit by a ship of the Trung Thang company, based in Nam Dinh in northern Vietnam.

The impact caused the fishing vessel to be split in half. Nine people were on board at the time, and all of them fell into the sea. Two of them went missing, while seven others were rescued by a nearby fishing vessel and brought to shore.

A representative of Tinh Ky Commune said one of the rescued fishermen, named Phuc, was taken to the hospital but died from his severe injuries. A search is ongoing to look for the missing fishermen.

The aftermath of a collision between a ship and a fishing vessel at a sea region of Quang Ngai.

Le Van Luong, director of the Quang Ngai Maritime Administration, said the ship involved in the collision was carrying goods from HCMC to Ha Tinh in central Vietnam. Authorities had requested the owner of the ship to stop its voyage to help look for the missing fishermen, and to cooperate with an investigation to figure out the cause of the incident.

The seas of Quang Ngai are experiencing favorable weather conditions. Several vessels are out in the water as it is currently prime time to catch anchovies.

Ships often travel through the seas of Quang Ngai to carry goods along the north-south waterway.

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