Obama’s security cars ‘The Beast’ seen in Hanoi

By Duc Huy   May 20, 2016 | 04:29 am PT
Obama’s security cars ‘The Beast’ seen in Hanoi
The Beast in Hanoi. Photo by Dai Duong
Several security cars, including two armoured limousines, nicknamed ‘The Beast’, worth about $1.5 million each, have been seen in a luxury hotel in Hanoi on Friday, a few days before the U.S President makes his first visit to Vietnam.

More than three Chevrolet Suburbans and a Ford F-series have also been spotted in the hotel on Do Duc Duc Street in Nam Tu Liem District. These vehicles will carry security guards, doctors or personnel in charge of electronic warfare.

The exact specifications and features of ‘The Beast’ have never been disclosed due to security reasons. However, the vehicle is reportedly bullet-proof, bomb-proof (from low-intensity blasts) and is capable of detecting chemical or biological attacks.

It is said that in case Obama comes under attack while riding in his limo, there are several pieces of defense equipment rumored to be on board. Night-vision cameras, pump-action shotguns, and tear-gas cannons are among some of those weapons speculated to be included.

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