HCM City police disguised as manual workers raid casino at Taiwanese company

By Quoc Thang, Bui Hong Nhung   April 9, 2016 | 08:10 pm PT
Police of Thu Duc district in Ho Chi Minh City arrested 15 workers of Freetrend Company on April 8 as part of an investigation into an illegal casino.

The casino was allegedly being run by Tran Van Quan, a company security guard. 14 other guards are suspected of acting as croupiers for the casino, which is frequented by the company’s employees.


Tran Van Quan, photo by Q.T

“Quan said that the entry and exit to the company are carefully guarded so people feel safe inside the casino. They arranged vehicles in a circle so that the casino couldn’t be seen from the outside,” said an investigator.

“If a stranger arrived whom the croupiers suspected was a policeman, they would immediately clean up the scene.”

Many employees went broke and had to pledge valuable property or ATM cards to Quan. Others were even so caught up in debt that they quit jobs and fled because they could not afford to pay.


Quan's accomplices, photo by Q.T

To access the casino, policeman disguised as unemployed workers started working for the company.

At dawn on April 7, these 'workers' entered the parking area and subdued the guards, allowing their peers to storm the casino and capture Quan and his 14 accomplices. Tens of millions of dong, dice and other evidence were confiscated at the scene.

According to the initial investigation, Quan was working with outside sources to run the casino.

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