German frigate to visit Vietnam in Asia-Pacific deployment

By Phan Anh   August 4, 2021 | 05:00 pm PT
German frigate to visit Vietnam in Asia-Pacific deployment
Germany's frigate Bayern. Photo courtesy of the German Embassy in Vietnam.
A German frigate that has embarked for Asia for training purposes and enhancing its presence in the region will visit Vietnam later this year.

A Wednesday press release by the German Embassy in Vietnam said the Bayern frigate and its 230-people crew would carry out multiple missions during their six-month deployment, with a focus on strengthening security policy cooperation with partners in the Indo-Pacific region.

"We want to help shape it and to take on responsibility for upholding the rules‑based international order," said German minister of foreign affairs Heiko Maas, adding that his country would like to expand its partnerships and involvement in the region, including through the EU’s Strategic Partnership with ASEAN and consultations on security policy with Japan and Australia.

"And this is why the frigate Bayern is setting sail for Asia today. Its mission is to support us in upholding international law and improving security in the Indo-Pacific together with our partners," the release quoted Maas as saying.

During the journey, the frigate would visit multiple ports in partner countries, including Vietnam at the end of this year, the release said.

The Bayern is a Brandenburg-class frigate of the German Navy. It weighs 3,600 tons and spans 138.8 meters. It is equipped with several radar and weapon systems, including naval guns and missiles.

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