Foreign minister praises Vietnam's 'bamboo diplomacy'

By Nguyen Tien   January 1, 2023 | 06:30 pm PT
Foreign minister praises Vietnam's 'bamboo diplomacy'
Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son. Photo by Hoang Phong
Vietnam's "bamboo diplomacy" bolstered the nation's international status amid global crises, said Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son.

Unfamiliar security risks such as climate change, natural disasters and epidemics are part of everyday life now, and the long-term impacts of the Covid outbreak are hampering global recoveries everywhere, he said.

However, Vietnam continues to retain its stability and growth thanks to "resolute independence, autonomy, multilateralization, diversification and support for the essential principles of the United Nations Charter and international law, for the national interests and its people."

Vietnam is firm in its beliefs, flexible in its strategies, and committed to loyalty, justice, peace, cooperation, and the betterment of humanity, according to the minister.

Son said in a statement published Sunday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Vietnam's foreign policy is "flexible and creative but consistent, valiant and resilient" and is based on the idea of "immutable, improvised, equitable, and mutually beneficial cooperation."

He said the most notable achievement of Vietnam's foreign affairs activities last year was to firmly consolidate favorable foreign affairs policies amid moveable global situations in order to maintain a peaceful and stable environment, protect independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, serve socio-economic development, and improve the country's international position and prestige.

Vietnam also continues to promote its active and responsible participation in and contributions to important multilateral organizations like the United Nations, ASEAN, APEC, and cooperation projects across the Mekong region.

Vietnam was elected to many positions by important international organizations last year, including as vice president of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly and UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage for the 2022-2026 term.

Economic diplomacy on the part of Vietnam has helped to maintain macroeconomic stability by promoting the nation’s economic growth, increasing exports, and drawing upon various external resources, all the while supporting economic reform and long-term development in the country.

Cultural diplomacy had worked in tandem with economic diplomacy to promote Vietnam's image, people, culture, and development achievements around the world.

Vietnam also achieved significant results in citizen protection, including the safe evacuation of over 6,000 citizens and expatriates from Ukraine and the return of approximately 1,200 citizens subjected to forced labor in Cambodia.

Son said that Vietnam's "bamboo diplomacy" has been apparent in each of the nation’s foreign activities. The policy "affirms a brave, sincere, loyal, reliable, and responsible Vietnam."

Commenting on the global events last year, Son said that a lot of fast, complicated, and unexpected events happened around the world in 2022. These big changes posed many challenges but also opportunities for countries and people to work together for peace, cooperation, and development.

He said these issues are due to "the increasingly strong strategic competition between major countries, the emergence of the Russia - Ukraine conflict, the arms race, and an increase in socio-political instability in many countries."

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