Football fury: Vietnamese team throw game in penalty protest

February 19, 2017 | 07:51 pm PT
Football fury: Vietnamese team throw game in penalty protest
Long An's team members stand at the edge of the court to protest a penalty on Sunday. Photo by VnExpress
The goalie turned his back on the penalty taker and let the ball roll into the net.

Vietnam’s premier football championship the V-League took an unusual turn on Sunday after a team decided to throw a game in protest of a penalty awarded to their opposition.

Long An were locked at 2-2 with Ho Chi Minh City after 80 minutes when the referee awarded a penalty to the latter.

Long An (in white) were furious at the decision and accused the referee of favoring the home team having already given them a penalty earlier in the game.

In protest, the visiting team walked off the pitch.


Long An's goalkeeper turns his back on the penalty kick. Photo by VnExpress

They were eventually ordered to return to the field for the game to resume, but their goalie protested by turning his back on the penalty taker and letting the ball into the net; his teammates just stood on the edge of the area.

Following the restart, Long An refused to challenge Ho Chi Minh City and allowed them to score another two goals, leaving the final score at 5-2 to Ho Chi Minh City.

Long An chairman Vo Thanh Nhiem said the referee’s conduct had been “problematic”.

The team coach also said it was definitely not a penalty.

Watch the chaos unfold here.

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