Drug user looks for new high on Hanoi power pilon

By Pham Du   May 2, 2017 | 10:47 am GMT+7

It took police more than two hours to bring him down safely.

Locals in Hanoi were greeted to the sight of a young man sitting on a power pilon on Giai Phong Street as they left their houses on Monday morning.

Police were called to the scene after the man refused to come down, and quickly placed inflatable cushions around the pole. A fire truck was also dispatched to the scene, and after over two hours, the rescue team finally managed to carry the man down to safety.


The man refused to come down from the power pilon. Photo from Facebook.

Local authorities later identified him as a 28-year-old drug user and are planning to send him to a drug rehab center.

Last month, another 23-year-old man also climbed a power pole while under the influence of drugs in Ho Chi Minh City. A 29-year-old man also climbed a 50-meter transmission tower in the southern province of Binh Duong in March. Both men eventually reached the ground safely.

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