Cop suspended for slapping salesman in northern Vietnam

By Pham Du   November 11, 2019 | 09:30 pm PT
A senior cop has been suspended for a month for throwing trash at one staff and slapping another at a rest stop.

Senior lieutenant Nguyen Xo Viet, 35, currently a police officer in Thai Nguyen Province, was suspended for a month Monday as provincial police started investigating his conduct.

CCTV camera footage shows policeman Nguyen Xo Viet slapping a staff at a rest stop in Thai Nguyen Province.

CTTV footage of the incident at the Hai Dang rest stop, on an expressway connecting Thai Nguyen with Hanoi, shows a man sending his son to a food stall to buy some snack.

As the boy returned to his father with a package of ready-to-eat sausages, he is stopped by two employees, one male, one female, because he had not paid for what he'd taken.

The father makes a sign calling his son to go to him. As the boy stands, confused about what to do next, the father approaches him, takes the sausages out and throws the package at the face of the female staff. He slaps the male staff next, yelling all the while.

The video was shared later on Vietnamese social media and some users identified Viet as the abuser.

A rest stop representative told the media Monday that they had "settled the dispute caused by misunderstanding" before the video was spread online.

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